Get paid well for
doing what you love

When you do a job that makes a difference in the local community, we believe you should be fairly rewarded with a good rate of pay and always-on support.

More benefits
& more recognition

We provide a highly competitive rate and flexible hours for our carers, as well as unrivalled support with a 24/7 helpline, free training , weekly payment and expert compliance assistance.

Eye-catching rates

We pay good rates because we understand that’s the only way we can expect to attract the best people and keep them with us long-term.

Choose your hours

Flexibility is one of the big benefits of working for a successful and established agency. You get to choose when and where you work.

4/3 rostered work

Full-time 4/3 rostered work is available, if preferred, with 4 days on and 3 days off and then 3 days working and 4 days not.

Weekly pay

We all have bills to sort and that’s why we’ll pay you promptly on Friday for the work you did the week before.

24/7 assistance

You’re never on your own with NLG. There’s always an experienced team member at the end of the line to help with anything, anytime, day or night.

Compliance support

With so many other things to think about, compliance can slip your mind. Not ours. We’ll ensure you’re up to date with all mandatory training.

How we support you

It’s always good to know there’s a helpful team behind you taking care of all the important details. That includes organising your ongoing mandatory training, keeping you compliant and providing instant support with our 24/7 employee helpline.

Darren’s Story

“I’ve worked with NLG for many years as a RGN and I have only had good experiences.
Staff are very professional and friendly, always going the extra mile to find you shifts that suit your availability or location.”

Free training

If keeping you compliant does require some extra training, we’ll happily take care of that so you’re always ready to accept the next assignment.

Project support

Before every new assignment, our friendly team will take you through the details and answer your questions, so you’re always well prepared.

Nursing revalidation

If you need someone to revalidate you, then we have plenty of NMC-registered clinical staff who will be more than happy to act as your confirmer.

Other reasons too…

Fast-track online registration, a smart company uniform and our user-friendly app for booking and managing your shifts online.

Our current opportunities

Take a look at the jobs available today, with new roles appearing all the time.

What our carers say

For a more objective view of what NLG is like to work for, check out these honest opinions from some of the individuals who are already registered with us.

“I have worked for NLG for around two years. Everybody is extremely helpful and always willing to give support. They are, I would say the best employer I’ve worked for in my long nursing career.”

Adele (Registered Nurse)

“I’ve worked with NLG for many years and I’ve only ever had good experiences. The staff are always going the extra mile to find me the shifts and locations that suit me best.”

Gabby (RGN)

“During my time working with NLG, I have never gone without work. The team are very professional and help to sort out problems , provide training and organise validation.”

Agnes (Registered General Nurse)

“I am an agency nurse and have worked with many agencies. None are as good as NLG.   Their staff are amazing and I am treated with respect at all times.”

Letwina (Registered General Nurse)

“I’ve worked for NLG for over twenty years, not needing to be an agency hopper. They’ve always been supportive and resourceful, enabling me to live a good life for which I shall always be grateful.”

Robert (Operating Department Practitioner)

“The Recruitment Consultant at NLG is very well organised and extremely motivated. I found them to be very helpful. Everything is done in a highly professional manner.”

Rendy (Registered General Nurse)