Our accreditations

Accreditations are a yardstick we use to measure ourselves against our competitors and our own ambitions. At NLG, it’s not just about achieving the required levels. We always set our sights higher, striving to go above and beyond.

Our history

For over 20 years, our unique people-first approach to Healthcare and Homecare has enabled us to go from strength-to-strength. So much so that we are now one of the most accredited medical recruitment agencies in the UK.

Our people

Our directors still work on NLG’s front line today, experiencing the challenges healthcare professionals face, first-hand. That helps us know what our people need to feel supported. Whether that’s flexible working, a lift to work or a healthy pay cheque.

Our teams

When a client commissions one of our experts, all they’re really interested in is the quality of the work. Helping keep standards high, our backroom teams shoulder the admin burden for our healthcare professionals, leaving them to focus on the job.

Our responsibilities

Saying you’re a people-first company is easy, but proving it takes consistent hard work and commitment. It also depends on a culture of care throughout the company and our own willingness to take responsibility for every action of every employee.

NLG Careers

Join us and you’ll soon experience the NLG difference. Our job opportunities are unrivalled, our pay is highly competitive, the support is 24/7 and the hours are as flexible as you want, fitting around life’s other commitments.