Our people
Culture of care throughout

Our directors still work on NLG’s front line today, experiencing the challenges healthcare professionals face, first-hand. That helps us know what our people need to feel supported. Whether that’s flexible working, a lift to work or a healthy pay cheque.

Key individuals




Mark Hathway

Founder & Managing Director, MBA
As Managing Director of NLG Group Homecare services and Regional Director for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Mark is committed to the delivery of our NLG Homecare philosophy and principles of care.

With 35 years of management experience and a qualfified Director and member of IOD, Mark upholds the standards required in maintaining and improving our quality management and service delivery.

Working within the public and private sector for over 20 years with a critical focus and responsibility on quality and service delivery standards. Mark has responsibility for supervising the management of our regulated activities within the sector of our organisation.

Debra Dunne

Director Clinical Services RN, MSc


Debra is responsible and is in day-to-day charge of the NLG Homecare team and our regulated activities.

Her role is to uphold our philosophy and principles of care by enabling and monitoring compliance with essential standards across our operations as well as eliciting and managing change process to improve standards of care and support delivered.

Having been supporting NLG health and social care for over 10 years, Debra heads up the team enabling us to provide support for people with more complex health care needs who want to continue living at home with a degree of choice and independence.

I have the pleasure of working with a multi-talented team who bring a breadth of experience in clinical intervention. We are able to follow a clear path of developing and supporting our customers with a wide variety of clinical, physical and emotional needs, enabling them to achieve their ultimate aim of living in their own home with choice and dignity.


Tracy Kew, Senior Recruitment Consultant 19 years with NLG 

Neil Russell, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist 18 years with NLG 

Jamie Crombie, Finance Officer 19 years with NLG 

Laura Carter, Senior Compliance Officer 10 years with NLG

Karl Zand, Operations Support Team Leader 8 years with NLG 

Phil Buston, Head of Business Development 4 years with NLG

Vikki Nugent, Registered Manager 3 years with NLG

Paul Booth, Chief Operating Officer 1 year with NLG



Family feel

With our unique company culture, NLG feels like a family. Always determined to find the right fit for the right role, we take great care to get every detail right. We’re a down-to-earth brand committed to making healthcare better for everyone; those who work for us, those we work for and the service users we ultimately care for.


People-first approach

We ensure our people have everything they need to provide the highest level of healthcare. We pride ourselves on our culture of belonging built on honesty, inclusivity, trust and transparency; where work is rewarding, and people are encouraged to express their true selves.


Workforce planning

Our people have the support of a 24/7 Helpline as well as a team of consciousness individuals who look after assignment planning, training, compliance and placement briefings. We believe the better prepared our experts are, the better the care will be that they provide for our clients.



Our business depends on energy and fresh ideas which is why we’re always looking for bright and talented young individuals to add to the team. This year, we’ve welcomed four apprentices to learn the ropes within the Business Admin and Finance Departments. This initiative is proving to be as valuable for us as it is for the young people involved.