Our teams
A network of support

When a client commissions one of our experts, all they’re really interested in is the quality of the work. Helping keep standards high, our backroom teams shoulder the admin burden for our healthcare professionals, leaving them to focus on the job.

Key teams

Senior Management

Our people-first approach starts at the top. NLG’s directors pride themselves on understanding the challenges that healthcare and homecare professionals face on the front line today.

So they can shape the business in a way that’s relevant for tomorrow. Inspirational leadership comes from both motivational management and meticulous clinical governance.



If you’re looking to join us, this will be the first team you’ll speak to us and we guarantee you’ll be greeted with a friendly and helpful reception to start your journey. Nothing is ever too much trouble and no question will go unanswered. 



Work in the healthcare sector and you’ll know how vital the work is that this team carries out for us. Gathering documents and information, they’ll help you achieve compliance as quickly as possible and make sure that mandatory and statutory requirements are met.

Healthcare Recruitment

This is your day-to-day and out-of-hours contact, with the team making sure everything runs smoothly and that any uncertainties are swiftly ironed out before they become issues. With the people-first culture at NLG, this team will very soon get to know your individual needs and requirements.


Homecare Support

We have a dedicated support team for our Healthcare employees too, with a similar 24/7 helpline to provide full out of hours support. You’re never on your own at NLG and there’s always a friendly face to help out with admin, training or individual assignments.s and requirements.


Training Department (Homecare)

Our reputation depends on you being perfectly prepared for the challenges you face while working with us. We won’t take chances with gaps in your knowledge and our team will make sure you receive all the training you need, helping you keep up with mandatory, statutory and specific skills.



The finance team aren’t just hugely popular because they hand out the money. Their attention to detail and approachability make them well respected and well liked as they take care of payroll and invoicing services for everyone in the business.