Legal representatives
Simplifying the process

Founded by clinical staff, NLG is still managed by qualified and experienced practitioners. The benefit for legal representatives of having direct access to those with hands-on know-how is that you’ll always get quick advice to ensure the smoothest transitions possible. 

Taking extra care

Good care is about empathy, not processes. But, the fact is, the more seamless the journey, the easier it is for us to successfully meet the needs of service users.

With our efficient, tried and tested processes, we ensure that the legal representatives, families and commissioners are provided with clear plans that cover all requirements, ably assisted by an approachable team of dedicated support staff.


Expert guidance

We’ve provided our services through legal representatives many times before but we still give each case the same attention to detail that we gave to our very first. We never make assumptions and we treat every situation on its own merits. However, experience is invaluable and our know-how will always help you overcome any unexpected hurdles encountered on the way.

Understanding the legal landscape

We appreciate that solicitors and case managers will often seek to identify a provider at a critical time for their clients, usually pending legal award. With the benefit of experience, we’ve come to appreciate the sensitivities and challenges that the legal process can present and we are responsive to the needs of each different situation. Let’s just say, if anyone can provide you with extra flexibility when you need it, that’s us.


Good relationships, good results

The best outcomes are usually achieved for our clients when we’re able to establish positive and constructive relationships with those commissioning care on their behalf. In almost every case, this is accomplished by working closely together from the outset of the commissioning process and being prepared to go the extra mile at every stage.