Transitional care
Making the right move

Moving someone with health issues presents a unique set of challenges, but we can help them take this disruption in their stride. Our expert professionals provide continuity of care during any move from one healthcare setting to another, or back home.

Why choose NLG?

If you work within an ICB, or are a Nurse or Care worker considering  joining us, you’ll be keen to know what sets us apart.

In a nutshell, we take responsibility for more, so you have less to worry about. Managing the whole care process, our clinical team perform full face-to-face assessments and handpick carefully matched carers and personal assistants to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our clinicians oversee the full training and ongoing support needs and ensure continuity and coordination of care through effective carer and customer partnerships. This includes post-discharge rehabilitation plans, nutrition and physiotherapy. High-quality support is especially necessary for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and complex therapeutic routines.


From A to B with TLC

We also manage the move itself from end-to-end, working directly with Continuing Health care teams. Our bespoke service looks after the individual and their family before, during and after the move. That means complete continuity of care, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable, and the family feels supported, throughout. 

Taking care of everything

Key areas of our transition care include home assessments before transfer, communication with family members, medication management, the transfer of health records and follow-up visits with providers and specialists. We’ll also make the patient, and any relevant healthcare professional, aware of any red flags that might indicate a worsening condition or negative drug reaction.


Funded packages through the NHS

We regularly work with Continuing Healthcare (CHC) commissioners, including clinical leads and nurse assessors, to arrange full-time or visiting care for complex needs. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to confirm final costs, with no hidden charges.