Ongoing support

Our reputation depends on you being perfectly prepared for the challenges you face while working with us. Rest assured, we won’t take chances with gaps in your knowledge and our compliance team will make sure you receive all the training you need.

We take full responsibility

Our compliance team will take responsibility of all this for you, identifying which of your training qualifications are up to date and which need refreshing.

Always giving you plenty of notice, they’ll keep you up to speed with any requirements for updates needed to keep yourself compliant.


Onboarding and induction

Starting anything new can be a bit daunting, but we try to make finding your feet with us stress-free and enjoyable. Our Recruitment and Compliance Team will welcome you to NLG, along with the Clinical Nurse Educator.

Your induction session will include accessing QCS and CarePlanner Application. You’ll also meet with the Registered Manager and Care Coordinators to discuss placements and a personal training plan will be set up to meet your individual needs.

Online training

Making life as convenient as possible for you, online courses are provided for mandatory and statutory training via Healthier Business & ResMed. While you can access these modules from the comfort of your own home any time you like, we also carry out practical training for Basic Life Support and Manual Handling onsite.


Clinical training

• Ventilator use, both non-invasive and invasive

• Tracheostomy care and management including emergency scenarios

• Management of enteral devices

• Cough assist device for airway clearance

• Epilepsy Management

• Rescue medications

• Catheter care and catheterisation

• Observation in clinical practice

• Individual coaching sessions if required

• And more