The NLG Health Family: Your Path to Belonging in a Culture of Care

Navigating the world of healthcare recruitment can sometimes feel daunting, but at NLG Health, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment to our staff goes beyond placements; it extends to supporting you through the registration process as well. If you’re curious about how the registration works, our previous blog, ‘Onboarding for New Candidates: Your Friendly Guide to Achieving Excellence in Healthcare,’ provides comprehensive insights. At NLG Health, we prioritise not just your professional journey, but also your comfort and confidence throughout. Now, let’s delve into how NLG Health’s family-like culture sets us apart.

A Culture of Care Throughout

NLG Health’s directors are deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring they remain connected to the realities of healthcare professionals. This personal experience empowers us to provide the right support. Whether it’s flexible working hours, assistance with commuting, or competitive compensation, we prioritise the needs of our staff.

Cultivating Belonging: The NLG Family Feel and People-Centric Approach

What sets NLG Health apart is the unique atmosphere of a close-knit family. Our dedication to finding the perfect match for each role goes beyond the professional realm. We’re committed to down-to-earth interactions that make healthcare better for everyone involved. This includes our employees, the clients we serve, and the end-users of our services. Our cornerstone is a people-centric philosophy. To deliver top-tier healthcare, we ensure our professionals have everything they need. Our culture is built upon values like honesty, inclusivity, trust, and transparency. This fosters an environment where work is fulfilling, and individuals are empowered to be their authentic selves.

Empowered Workforce Planning

NLG Health takes a comprehensive approach to workforce support. Our team benefits from a 24/7 helpline and a dedicated group of individuals who manage assignment planning, training, compliance, and placement briefings. We believe that well-prepared experts provide superior care to our clients, and we’re committed to ensuring our professionals have the resources they need.

Championing Apprenticeships

At NLG Health, we recognise the importance of infusing fresh energy and innovative ideas into our business. Our commitment to this is evident in our apprenticeship program. This year, we proudly welcomed four apprentices to our team, offering them the opportunity to learn and contribute within the Business Admin and Finance Departments. This initiative isn’t just beneficial for the apprentices; it invigorates our team and drives growth in unexpected ways.

Join the NLG Health Family

If you’re looking to be part of a healthcare recruitment agency that prioritises your well-being and growth, NLG Health is the place for you. Join our family today and experience a culture that nurtures your potential while making a positive impact on the healthcare sector.

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