Starting Your New Career in Homecare: Embrace the Opportunities of the New Year with NLG

As we usher in a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our aspirations and set the stage for positive change. If you’ve been contemplating a career shift that not only brings personal satisfaction but also makes a meaningful impact, then NLG Homecare has an exciting proposition for you.

Job Satisfaction Without Compromise

At NLG, we firmly believe that job satisfaction should not come at the expense of other priorities, such as fair compensation. We understand that when you are well taken care of, you, in turn, provide exceptional care to our clients. That’s why our approach involves competitive pay, unrivalled employee support, and the flexibility to balance your work with other aspects of your life.

Unparalleled Support Every Step of the Way

Starting a new career can be overwhelming, but with NLG, you’re not alone. Our supportive team is dedicated to handling the important details for you. From organising ongoing mandatory training to keeping you compliant and offering instant support through our 24/7 employee helpline, we’ve got your back.

Make a Difference, Get Rewarded

Choosing a career in homecare means making a difference in your local community. NLG believes that making a positive impact should be rewarded, and that’s why we offer not only a competitive rate of pay but also continuous support. Our carers enjoy flexible hours, a 24/7 helpline, free training, weekly payments, and expert compliance assistance.

Embracing Your Unique Work Style

One of the wonderful aspects of being part of NLG is our commitment to providing a work environment that embraces individual needs. As a successful and established agency, we recognise the beauty of life’s diverse schedules. Continuity of care for our service users are our priority, so offering work that provides you with a stable 4/3 rostered work schedule, means we can also offer you the stability of knowing when you work, while it also provides you with more flexibility and work life balance.

Prompt Weekly Payments and Constant Support

We understand that life’s obligations don’t wait, and neither should your paycheck. NLG ensures that you receive your well-deserved payment promptly every Friday for the previous week’s work. Moreover, you’re never on your own – our experienced team is just a phone call away, ready to assist you, day or night.

Stay Compliant, Stay Current

With NLG, you can focus on making a difference while we take care of the compliance details. We guarantee that you stay up-to-date with all mandatory training, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your role.

As you step into the new year, step into a new career with NLG Homecare. Join us in making a positive impact, enjoying job satisfaction, and embracing the opportunities that await. Your journey begins now – let NLG be your guide to a rewarding career in homecare.