‘Rise to the Top’

Internal Apprenticeship Programme at NLG

NLG is committed to employing and developing Apprentices, this year we have taken on 4 new shining stars. With so many different routes to further education, apprenticeships are a great way to gain additional qualifications while working and earning a living.  

Within this group we have a Finance and Accounting Apprentice, Liam, who is undertaking his (Level 2) AAT.  Liam will support our accounts department, working with a team that provide accountancy, payroll and invoicing.  

We are also delighted to be supporting three (Level 3) Business apprentices Harli, Lily and Alfie. They work in a range of teams from Operational Support, Recruitment and Compliance, through to Homecare.  

These apprenticeships are designed to provide training and support in a wide range of skills, these apprentices will gain a breadth of diverse knowledge that can develop them professionally and personally.  They will be learning about the business and how we support our clients and candidates, while adding value to the company’s overall service offering.

“NL Group’s apprenticeship program has been a transformative experience, enabling me to contribute to various departments and broaden my skill set. The business improvement project has allowed me to cultivate crucial self-management and project management abilities that will shape my future career and professional advancement.”

As an Employer, we provide a structured approach to their development ensuring that they are coached and mentored so they gain the best from their time with us. This includes the study time and the reviews with their Colleges and Tutors, enabling them to learn the theory, but also put It into practical action on daily basis.


Daily tasks

Supported by an experienced team, our apprentices take and receive calls from our clients and candidates throughout the day, this is great way to understand the diverse range of queries and questions we receive.  

Tasks are assigned to each apprentice; training is provided, and outcomes are supported by their team leader.  Once proficient, additional tasks are added to their day and diversity is provided by rotating most of them within different departments. Liam in the accounts department will also achieve diversity in his learning through the different specialty areas that our accounts team work on.  

Each apprentice is also required to create and run a business improvement project as part of the final stage of their apprenticeship, which gives them self-management and project management skills, crucial for their future career and professional development.


Additional apprenticeship opportunities

Further to this, we also have a programme for our external workforce who provide services within the community setting directly to patients and service users. These apprenticeships are Level 2 and 3 and focus on healthcare-based qualifications including clinical competencies.


Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Once they complete their apprenticeships after 18 months, we hope that they will all stay with us for a long time, helping us develop our workforce strategy for the future, while developing their careers plus also helping to support future apprentices.

We have found that there are many benefits to hiring apprentices, from the career impact it can provide for them, plus also the social value it can return for the local community.  Additionally, it helps us maintain a caring and knowledgeable workforce. 

We will continue to provide opportunities to apprentices and utilise this to develop our workforce for the future.